Shelley Shocolinsky-Dwyer  Joint Interim Director
Rabbi Charley Baginsky  Joint Interim Director

Alexandra Simonon  Director of Administration
Ben Combe  Receptionist
Janet Manderson  Financial Accountant
Simon Rothstein  LJ Today Editor & Public Relations
Thomas Rich  Fundraising & Events Manager
Becca Fetterman  Director of Youth
Francesca Kurlansky  LJY-Netzer Movement Worker
Jacob Swirsky  LJY-Netzer Movement Worker
Rosa Slater  LJY-Netzer Movement Worker
Jess Mindel LJY-Netzer Movement Worker
Josh Powell
 LJY-Netzer Movement Worker
Surat-Shaan Knan  Project Manager; Heritage Projects
Rabbi Mark Solomon  Interfaith Consultant
Alison Turner  Liberal Judaism Archivist