Whether you’re celebrating the birth of a baby or mourning the death of a loved one, Liberal Judaism is here to support you, your family and your friends, at each stage of life.

Like our movement as a whole, Liberal Judaism’s lifecycle events are inclusive and welcoming. All are equals, and all are invited to play a full role.

Click on the links below to discover how to bring Liberal Jewish meaning to your lifecycle events, as well as all the practical information you will need.

To discuss anything you’ve read here in more detail, please use our ‘Ask the Rabbi’ feature and one of our Liberal Judaism Rabbinic Team will be happy to offer help and support.

  • Children

    Birth, Brit Milah and Baby Naming

  • Coming of Age

    Bar/Bat/B’nei Mitzvah and Kabbalat Torah

  • Marriage

    Wedding Ceremonies, Mixed Faith Blessings and Civil Partnerships

  • Divorce

    Understanding the process and options available

  • Jewish Status & Conversion

    Equilineal Descent, Conversion Process and Confirmation of Status

  • Joining a Community

    Some things to consider when becoming a member of a community

  • Illness & Pastoral Care

    Support options available and how to access them

  • Death & Mourning

    Burial Scheme, Funerals, Shivah and Mourning