Liberal Judaism is the dynamic cutting edge of modern Judaism

Liberal Judaism affirms the dynamic, developing character of our Jewish religious tradition
Questing and questioning, Liberal Judaism is an authentic and modern form of Judaism, rooted in a deep and meaningful engagement with Jewish texts, values, culture and history. We are a movement with a sense of purpose, engaged in community life, study, spirituality and social action. We believe in personal freedom and responsibility and the shared and collective bonds that unite us as Jewish people and members of humanity. We actively choose to live out our Judaism as part of a community, and welcome those who grew up as Jewish and those who, later in life, have become accepted into Judaism. We are inclusive and egalitarian, giving equal status within Judaism to those traditionally excluded. We help all our members to embark on their personal Jewish journeys. We want Judaism to be a positive, joyous and active part of our members’ lives, and for them to use it to enrich their relationships with those around them.
We are inspired by the Prophets, who combined a sincere commitment to Judaism with a constant regard and concern for the universal values that should guide all ethical behaviour. We believe that tikkun olam (repair of the world) is a fundamental mission for us as Liberal Jews and humanity as a whole. This tikkun should happen on four levels: the personal/inter-personal, the communal, the Jewish and global. Walking In the footsteps of the Prophets, Liberal Jews can be constructive irritants to the mainstream, and/or influence the mainstream with integrity and impact. We take tough, sometimes unpopular, stances on issues of Jewish concern, striving at all times to behave with honesty, respect and empathy.
We are welcoming, open and forward-looking. We engage with society as we find it, and lead from the front. We play an active role in building collaboration across the Jewish community and with other faiths and causes. Effective collaboration is about finding common ground and embracing, accepting or working through differences. Working together, we can produce a result which no one person or organisation could have achieved alone. Not only do we maintain a solid presence in all of British Jewry’s major forums – for instance the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council – but we also face outwards, contributing to society, working alongside other faiths to foster peace. As members of the World Union for Progressive Judaism (and European Union of Progressive Judaism) we are part of the worldwide Jewish majority of non-Orthodox Jews and are committed to the future of Progressive Judaism both in the UK and across the world.