Liberal Judaism: Collaboratory

22 – 24 May 2020

De Vere Staverton Estate, Daventry

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Our theme for the event is Liberal Judaism: Collaboratory

The Collaboratory is both an open space and a creative process where partners work together to general solutions to, sometimes complex, problems. Liberal Judaism is made stronger via its partnerships, be they internal (with our communities) or external (with other organisations and faiths) and our Collaboratory will be the place to see it happen.

We’ll have many exciting programme announcements in the coming week, but for now we’re asking communities to start working on this year’s community project. The project is always a wonderful opportunity to showcase the incredible work of our congregations in fun and creative ways. For this year’s Biennial Weekend we are asking communities to design their own unique cocktails.

The dictionary defines cocktail as ‘a mixture of substances or factors’. We’d like our communities to design (and create if possible) a cocktail that represents them – sending us pictures of both the creation process and end result.

Liberal Judaism will then provide a bar at the Biennial, where each of the cocktails will be made and served, as well as creating a recipe book compiling all the different drinks submitted.

Liberal Judaism’s director of strategy and partnerships Rabbi Charley Baginsky said: “Cocktails are individual units made up of many, at first sight, indiscernible ingredients – like our communities! Sometimes, it’s only by partaking that we start to see and taste the different flavours that make up the whole. Each ingredient of a cocktail is carefully chosen to complement or contrast with the others – all adding to the overall positive taste. Ultimately a cocktail, like a community takes a lot of people working together to strike the perfect balance.”