Mosaic Liberal Synagogue

Rabbi Anna Wolfson has been a member of Liberal Judaism all her life, growing up as a keen member of Nottingham Liberal Synagogue and being active in LJY – Netzer, from camp participant to movement worker. Anna is the development rabbi at Mosaic Jewish Community, a pluralist community made up of a Liberal, Masorti, and Reform synagogue. In her role, Anna works in and around the three communities creating ways for pluralist engagement sometimes in and sometimes beyond the denominational practice. For 25% of her time though, she joins Rabbi Rachel Benjamin at Mosaic Liberal Synagogue. Anna has worked as a rabbi at Beit Klal Yisrael and Norwich Liberal Jewish community as well as spending time as the Progressive Student chaplain PJS (progressive Jewish students). She has a passion for developing inclusive and open community spaces and allowing people to explore their own Jewish journeys.

Anna lives with her wife (Cantor Tamara Wolfson) and two dogs, with a baby joining the family this summer