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Music is a key part of the ruach of Liberal Judaism. It has always been a central element in Judaism, and has taken many forms in the way it is used to enhance prayer, spirituality and community. Liberal Judaism is proud of its long standing musical heritage and unique tradition.

Many Liberal Jewish communities have vibrant musical traditions, and others are in the process of developing exciting new practices and tunes that will enhance our national community for years to come. It is in its use and distribution of music that Liberal Judaism is being most ambitious in its building towards a future shared tradition, that both embraces the extraordinary opportunities the internet and new technologies have to offer, whilst holding onto and elevating our unique and vibrant musical heritage and traditions.

Liberal Judaism is currently exploring creating a new Strategy for Music Development across its communities. If you have any ideas or suggestions, or simply want to be kept updated on the process, please contact the team.

Music News

Music Composition Competition
The inaugural Liberal Judaism music competition was won by Phyllis Alden from Manchester Liberal Jewish Community, for her 4 part composition of the Aleinu.
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