In 2019, Liberal Judaism launched a series of dialogue events called ‘Liberal Judaism’s Hot Potatoes’. The events covered a number of the hotly debated issues within the Jewish community while aiming to create a ‘safe space’ where there is debate without judgement!

Our next Hot Potatoes debate will be…

Circumcision: A cut too far?

1 April 2020
Is the religious practice of circumcision a beautiful ritual symbolising the Covenant with God, or is it an unnecessary and outdated procedure?

What is circumcision and who is it for – the parents, the community, or the child themselves?

Join us for the next in our Hot Potatoes series to hear from a range of important voices on this controversial issue including what both religious and secular legal viewpoints.
The debate will be chaired by Ros Clayton. The panel will be announced shortly.
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We kicked off in February 2019 with a panel on ‘Labour and Antisemitism’ chaired by the BBC’s Callum May and featuring Michael Segalov, Adam Langleben, Adam Wagner, Ella Rose and Miriam Mirwitch. The evening was a great success, with over 60 people attending and many more watching our YouTube stream.

The first event was followed up in April with a debate on ‘Citizenship: Privilege, Right or Something In-between’ featuring Shamima Begum’s lawyer, Tasnime Akunjee and Edie Friedman (JCORE) among others.

In September we hosted another full house for Faith Schools: Is Isolation Splendid chaired by Dr Keith Kahn-Harris and featuring Patrick Moriarty (JCoSS), Jeremy Rodell (Humanists UK), Dr Helena Miller (LSJS) and Rabbi Pete Tobias (The Liberal Synagogue Elstree).