Access three versions of the Liberal Judaism Haggadah

Liberal Judaism's Haggadah for the Days of Isolation

27 March 2020 Liberal Judaism has put three versions of its Haggadah online – so you can download and use whichever ones best fits the Seder you will be hosting this year, whether it’s a big family/communal event hosted via internet streaming or a small intimate affair for just those … Read More

The opportunity to re-connect in these challenging times

Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich thought

26 March 2020 By Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovich I am writing to you from Nottingham, on behalf of my community, at the very beginning of the month of Nisan with greetings of hope, friendship and the good news of a coming Exodus both from slavery, when it comes to our sedarim, … Read More

[Sermon] Shabbat in the Coronavirus Crisis

Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah 21 March 2020 Shabbat Shalom. The physical congregation that usually inhabits the synagogue is absent and the hum of people gathering to celebrate Shabbat has been replaced by silence. And yet, hinneinu, here we are, sharing this sacred moment across the ether. Before we begin our … Read More

Liberal Judaism update/statement on COVID-19

Liberal Judaism Logo

21 March 2020 By Rabbi Charley Baginsky Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Liberal Judaism Along with all faith organisations, Liberal Judaism is determined to do our part to help limit or slow down the transmission of COVID-19, while maintaining support for our communities and members in these unprecedented and unsettling … Read More

Hold a Second Seder once this is all over

20 March 2020 Liberal Judaism is encouraging its members and communities to hold a Second Seder once this period of uncertainty and isolation/social distancing ends. Liberal Jews will be holding a Seder on the first night of Pesach this year as usual, but these will now be either virtual or … Read More

[Reflection] A new heaven and a new earth?

A new heaven and new earth

20 March 2020 By Rabbi Alexandra Wright, The Liberal Jewish Synagogue As I write, an eerie silence has fallen on the capital. I hear nothing. No cars, no trains, no voices; not even the sound of a midnight bird warbling his song of love to a mate. I try to … Read More

[Blog] We should not lose sight of helping each other

Rabbi Sandra Kviat 18 March 2020 We are living in interesting times, as the saying goes. We are all grappling with what the coronavirus means for us, those we live with and those we care about. We all seem to feel the same overwhelming need to act. In our house that meant … Read More