[Blog] How do we acquire a shem tov (good name)?

Rabbi Aaron Goldstein

21 April 2020 By Rabbi Aaron Goldstein Unavoidably, all professionals engaged in lifecycle events have been extra busy during the coronavirus pandemic. Baby blessings, Bnei Mitzvah, Kabbalat Torah and weddings have all had to be postponed. Deaths from the virus and those coincidental to this time have meant that we … Read More

[Reflection] When does the day begin?


21 April 2020 By Rabbi Elana Dellal In the Talmud, Berakhot 9b we find a discussion around how to determine the start of the day. This is in the midst of a conversation around when one should say the morning Shema. Much of the text focuses on the logic that it … Read More

[Blog] Sometimes there is no easy answer

Rabbi Dr René Pfertzel candles

13 April 2020 By Rabbi Dr René Pfertzel In the Talmud (Berakhot 4b), King David is praised by the Rabbis for being able to say that he doesn’t have an answer to an important question about his own behaviour: is he really righteous? I don’t know, he says. Being able … Read More

Dr Jeremy Schonfield becomes professor of liturgy at LBC

Dr Jeremy Schonfield

13 April 2020 Dr Jeremy Schonfield has been appointed as Leo Baeck College’s new professor of liturgy. Jeremy began his career at the College in 1995, originally as temporary cover for the late Rabbi John Rayner while he was unwell. He later took over from him permanently to teach liturgy … Read More

Liberal Judaism’s rabbis present an audio Pesach Seder

Liberal Judaism Passover

9 April 2020 The Liberal Conference of Rabbis and Cantors has produced a unique audio Seder to bring the beauty of Passover directly into British homes. Produced for BBC radio, the 10 minute broadcast is aimed to be enjoyed by both members of the Jewish community and those of all … Read More

Join a Liberal Judaism virtual Seder this Passover

Passover image

7 April 2020 The tradition of a big communal Seder in our Liberal Judaism congregations stretches back decades. These gatherings – often but not always held on the second night of Passover – see our synagogues and communal halls filled with people, song, prayer and, of course, food. Sadly this … Read More

[Blog] Daf Yomi with Rabbi Aaron Goldstein – Part 3

Rabbi Aaron Goldstein 1 April 2020 Shabbat 21b The Sages taught in a baraita: The basic mitzvah of Hanukkah is each day to have a light kindled by a person, the head of the household, for himself and his household. And the mehadrin, i.e., those who are meticulous in the … Read More