Volunteering and training opportunities for LJ legacy project

16 January 2019 Liberal Judaism has launched its latest ground-breaking oral history project Lily’s Legacy: The Radical History & Heritage of Liberal Judaism in Britain… and now we need your help! Over the next year, we will record the diverse voices of our movement and map the various existing heritage … Read More

Catch the ‘Rambling Rabbi’ at a service near you

Rabbi David Hulbert at Bedfordshire Progressive Synagogue

11 January 2019 Rabbi David Hulbert, one of Liberal Judaism’s longest serving congregational rabbis, is spending his well-earned sabbatical from the pulpit by… returning to the pulpit. David is currently taking a sabbatical from East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue (ELELS). He has served the community and its forerunner Bet … Read More

Rabbis to swap communities for ‘Liberal Judaism Shabbat’

Liberal Judaism's rabbis and cantors at Kallah

10 January 2018 Liberal Judaism’s clergy will swap communities on, and around, Saturday 19 January as part of a special ‘Liberal Judaism Shabbat’. The services are timed to coincide with the yahrzeit of Lily Montagu and will act as a celebration of her life and legacy. Lily was one of … Read More

Tu Bishvat Shabbaton at The Liberal Jewish Synagogue

LJS Tu Bishvat Shabbaton

9 December 2018 The Liberal Jewish Synagogue (LJS) in St Johns Wood will hold a special Shabbaton on Saturday 19 January to celebrate Tu Bishvat. The event runs from 10am until 5.30pm and will include a wide range of study sessions, a service and a vegan chavurah (bring and share) … Read More

A very Green conversion at Kingston Liberal Synagogue

Andree's Admission Ceremony

31 December 2018 Andree Frieze, a Green Party Councillor for the London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames council, was formally welcomed into Judaism at an Admission Ceremony at Kingston Liberal Synagogue (KLS) this Shabbat. Andree has been an active member of KLS since 2012 when she and her husband, Shimon Morad, who … Read More

Deep theological questions discussed at Liberal Kallah

Liberal Judaism's rabbis and cantors at Kallah

28 December 2018 The Conference of Liberal Rabbis and Cantors held its annual Kallah (retreat) at Charney Manor, Oxfordshire, with the tranquil setting providing an inspirational backdrop to deep theological questions raised by Liberal Judaism’s new draft liturgy. As well as covering traditional theologies, the 25 colleagues studied feminist approaches … Read More