Wiley, Twitter and why there must be #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate

Twitter walkout

26 July 2020 Liberal Judaism statement on Wiley, Twitter and why there must be #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate: For a long time now various hashtags about Jews have been trending on Twitter – and almost always for negative reasons. One only has to spend a few minutes on the platform to see a … Read More

Statement on antisemitic incidents over Chanukah

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29 December 2019 Liberal Judaism is shocked and saddened to hear about the recent antisemitic incidents in both London and New York. Chanukah and the festive period is a time for people to come together – no matter your religion or beliefs – and it is heartbreaking to see the … Read More

Interfaith hopes and challenges discussed in Kingston

Kingston Interfaith event

8 December 2019 Award winning speakers Imam Mamadou Bocoum and Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg discussed Jewish/Muslim relations at an Interfaith event co-hosted by Kingston Liberal Synagogue (KLS) and Muslims Against Antisemitism (MAAS). The pair – who won the 2017 ‘No2H8 Crime’ awards for intercultural dialogue for their work speaking to audiences … Read More

‘Rabbi Mirvis echoed fears that many of us hear daily’

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November 26 2019 A statement from Rabbi Aaron Goldstein (Chair of the Conference of Liberal Rabbis and Cantors) on behalf of Liberal Judaism: When a Rabbi speaks up over an issue that crosses into the political sphere we recognise that it is difficult for them to do so and not … Read More

‘Leave a Light On’ to commemorate Kristallnacht

6 November 2019 Liberal Judaism is joining with all sections of Anglo-Jewry to support the Association of Jewish Refugees’ (AJR) ‘Leave a Light On’ initiative. In order to commemorate the anniversary of Kristallnacht, we are asking you to keep one light on in your homes and community buildings on the … Read More

[Statement] Response to Halle attack

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10 October 2019 Hearing the news about the attack in Halle as we broke our Yom Kippur fast after spending the day in synagogue was a terrible and heartbreaking way to begin the new year. This incident reminds us that antisemitism and racism is a very real threat all over … Read More

Panel discussion shows Liberal Judaism at its best

Labour Party and Antisemitism Hot Potatoes panel

22 February 2019 Liberal Judaism hosted its first Hot Potatoes event last night, selling out the sanctuary area of the Montagu Centre for a panel discussion on the ‘Labour Party and Antisemisitm’. The evening was chaired by the BBC’s Callum May, who described it as “an enjoyable, thought-provoking and well-timed … Read More

Statement about events at University of Essex

Rabbi Daniel Lichman, Chaplain for Progressive Jewish Students 21 February 2019 Progressive Jewish Students echoes the UJS in their disappointment at the events around the recent vote regarding the establishment of a Jewish Society at the University of Essex. We know how key it is to have Jewish representation on … Read More

Join our ‘Labour and Antisemitism’ panel discussion

6 February 2019 Liberal Judaism will be hosting a panel discussion on ‘Labour and Antisemitism’, as the first in a new series of dialogue events entitled ‘Liberal Judaism’s Hot Potatoes’. The aim of the series is to cover some of the most hotly debated issues within the Jewish community, while … Read More

[Sermon] Antisemitism and the Chosen People

  Tevye the milkman, in Fiddler on the Roof, said, “I know, I know. We are Your chosen people. But once in a while, can’t You choose someone else?” It is not easy to be God’s chosen people, as we are especially aware as we commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day this … Read More