Order your Haggadah/Pesach books for Passover 2024

8 February 2024 – 29 Shevat 5784

Liberal Judaism Haggadah

Liberal Judaism is once more pleased to offer two books for your Seder and Passover celebrations.

The Liberal Judaism Haggadah (£8.50 per book plus P&P) was edited by Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein and Rabbi Pete Tobias.

Titled Haggadah B’chol Dor Va-Dor – A Haggadah for all Generations, it contains the complete Liberal children’s and adults’ Sedarim. It offers the option to follow both the ‘traditional’ order of the Seder, or alternative readings and songs from the facing pages.

The Question of the Hidden Matzah

The Question of the Hidden Matzah (£2.50 per book plus P&P) is part of a series of children’s books by Rabbi Pete Tobias offering a Liberal perspective on Jewish festivals.

It tells the story of how a young blind girl deals with her frustrations at not being able to participate fully in the Seder. She finds a mysterious piece of Matzah that, to her amazement, has a unique way of explaining the significance of this celebratory meal to her. She passes this on to her family with astonishing results.

You can order the Liberal Judaism Haggadah and/or The Question of the Hidden Matzah children’s book, by clicking here.

Orders must be received by 22 March, with payments by 29 March. Books will be dispatched on the w/c 1 April. Please note that invoices will be raised manually after you have completed the form, so please allow some time for your invoice to arrive after ordering.

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