Parashat Naso 5780

Rabbi Richard Jacobi – 27 May 2020 BRIAN: Look. You’ve got it all wrong. You don’t need to follow me. You don’t need to follow anybody! You’ve got to think for yourselves. You’re all individuals! FOLLOWERS: Yes, we’re all individuals! BRIAN: You’re all different! FOLLOWERS: Yes, we are all different! DENNIS: I’m not. ARTHUR: Shhhh. FOLLOWERS: Shh. … Read More

Liberal Judaism’s rabbis present an audio Pesach Seder

Liberal Judaism Passover

9 April 2020 The Liberal Conference of Rabbis and Cantors has produced a unique audio Seder to bring the beauty of Passover directly into British homes. Produced for BBC radio, the 10 minute broadcast is aimed to be enjoyed by both members of the Jewish community and those of all … Read More

Join a Liberal Judaism virtual Seder this Passover

Passover image

7 April 2020 The tradition of a big communal Seder in our Liberal Judaism congregations stretches back decades. These gatherings – often but not always held on the second night of Passover – see our synagogues and communal halls filled with people, song, prayer and, of course, food. Sadly this … Read More

Join our streamed services, seminars, sessions and Seders

East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue streamed service

2 April 2020 Liberal Judaism, our communities and our youth movement LJY-Netzer are offering something for everyone throughout this period… every day of the week. In our new Liberal Judaism At Home section, you’ll find a selection of streaming options using platforms such as Zoom, YouTube and Facebook to bring … Read More

Access three versions of the Liberal Judaism Haggadah

Liberal Judaism's Haggadah for the Days of Isolation

27 March 2020 Liberal Judaism has put three versions of its Haggadah online – so you can download and use whichever ones best fits the Seder you will be hosting this year, whether it’s a big family/communal event hosted via internet streaming or a small intimate affair for just those … Read More