The Akeidah Project – Calling all artists, poets and musicians!

29 July 2020 – 8 Av 5780

The Akeidah Project

29 July 2020

In the light of COVID-19, the High Holy Days are going to be rather unusual this year. But out of this is emerging a wonderful creativity, and the Akeidah story (Binding of Issac – Genesis 22:1-19) is fertile ground for this.

Liberal Judaism want to create some new midrashim (stories about stories in the Bible) on the Akeidah, particularly focusing on the unheard voice of Sarah.

The task is to read the Akeidah and think about where Sarah was, what she was thinking, why she wasn’t heard and the impact on her, especially as the next thing we read in the Torah is about her death.

There are lots of places that you can go to in order to search for the existing traditional and creative midrashim around this, or come to it fresh, from entirely your own perspective.

We want you to produce – either on your own, in family groups or in chevrutah (study groups) – a piece of art, poetry or music that gives a voice to Sarah. Then please send it to us at

Our aim is to build an interactive website page that provides new layers to the story. Additionally, we would like to use it in our services over the High Holy Days. For both these reasons, on receiving your submission, we will be sending a permission form for use of your work, which will be credited of course.

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