Liberal Judaism welcomes new LGBTQI+ guide for schools

7 September 2018 – 27 Elul 5778

Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, Chair of the Conference of Liberal Rabbis and Cantors
7 September 2018

Liberal Judaism welcomes the new guide for Orthodox Jewish schools to improve the wellbeing of LGBTQI+ pupils.

Many members of Liberal Jewish families attend these schools, while more still are proud members of both the Jewish and LGBTQI+ communities.

Produced by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, along with campaign group KeshetUK, this new guide should help to reduce prejudice and potential harm in schools, as well as across the whole of the Jewish community.

The year of 5778 has been one of progress in which longstanding principles and practices of Liberal Judaism have been adopted across the spectrum.

A year in which we witnessed the smicha (ordination) of Dina Brawer as the UK’s first female Orthodox rabbi has now concluded with this compassionate acknowledgement of the need to safeguard all our children regardless of sexuality or gender.

Liberal Judaism is proud to be at the cutting edge of Judaism, responding to contemporary issues. And I am proud that this creates the conversation for others to follow in time. Yesha Koach to the Chief Rabbi.

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