Liberal rabbi addresses Scottish Parliament

7 September 2017

Liberal Judaism’s Rabbi Mark Solomon addressed the Scottish Parliament at the start of the new parliamentary term.

Mark, in his capacity as rabbi for Sukkat Shalom: Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community, delivered the weekly Time for Reflection to MSPs.

In his four minute address, Mark talked about celebrating 200 years of Jewish life in Edinburgh and the proposed new Scottish Jewish Cultural Centre.

He said: “The Jewish community in Scotland may have changed, and dwindled in numbers, but it continues to be a vibrant part of the wonderful mosaic of faiths and community that flourish here.”

Speaking about Rosh Hashanah, Mark added: “When we celebrate our Jewish New Year in two weeks from now, we will look both back and forward.

“Not just back to the old year, with all its deep problems, but forward to the new year which we pray will bring better things. We also look much further back, to the story of our shared human origins, and forward to a time of universal fellowship and peace.”

You can watch Mark’s Time For Reflection in full by clicking here.

As well as his work in Scotland, Mark is also interfaith consultant for Liberal Judaism, associate chair of the Beit Din (Rabbinic Board) of Liberal Judaism, rabbi at Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation and senior lecturer in rabbinic literature at Leo Baeck College.

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