Help Wessex Community create a safe haven for refugees

16 August 2017

Wessex Liberal Jewish Community is part of a unique interfaith project to provide housing in Bournemouth for a refugee family.

They are now looking for more people to get involved in the venture, which involves investing in the Safe Haven Wessex LLP partnership to own a flat or house.

The property will be rented on behalf of refugees for the next five years, before being sold with all monies split by percentage in line with the original investment.

The community’s Gillian Dawson, a designated partner in the project, explains: “So many Jews identify with the situation of being a refugee that this is a most appropriate project to be involved with, and you don’t have to live near Bournemouth.

“Unlike most requests for money, you should actually retain your investment by investing in a partnership to own a flat or house. Five years after buying the property we will sell it and distribute the proceeds in proportion to the amounts each person invested in the partnership.”

The partnership Safe Haven Wessex LLP already has £200,00 pledged and is now looking to secure the remaining amount in order to provide at least one comfortable, welcoming home for a traumatised refugee family, where they can start to recover and get back on their feet. Other partners in the multi-faith project include the Minister of Wimborne Baptist Church, a member of the local mosque and Quakers from the region.

Gillian, pictured above, added: “We need approximately £70,000 more, so if we can find another 14 people to invest £5,000 each we have enough. Other amounts are equally welcome. We are asking everyone to take your own financial advice on whether this is appropriate for you.

“We already have in place an organisation in Bournemouth, International Care Network, to look after the refugees. Our job is straightforward… to provide the housing.”

For an information pack and/or to get involved, please contact Gillian on

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