A triple celebration at Tikvah Chadasha

12 June 2017

Tikvah Chadasha (Shenfield, Brentwood & Districts Synagogue) celebrated a unique and special B’nei Mitzvah this weekend – as triplets Isabella, Nathan and Amelia all came of age.

The triplets, along with parents Karen and Andy, joined the community not long after its formation in 2010. Grandparents Judith and Geoff Franklin are among the founder members of the congregation and Karen now serves as chair.

The community’s Jan Feldman said: “The triplets were outstanding on Shabbat as Nathan became barmitzvah and Isabella and Amelia celebrated their batmitzvahs.

“Having attended cheder from age 5, these wonderful children give their all to everything they do. The Shul was packed with community, family and friends, including two great-grandmothers and the triplet’s big brother Robert.”

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