A prayer to mark the Shabbat following the Queen’s 90th birthday

21 April 2016 – 13 Nisan 5776

by Rabbi Alexandra Wright
21 April 2016

Eternal God, whose dominion embraces the universe, we ask for Your blessing on our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth, who this week celebrated her 90th birthday. We give thanks for the precious gift of years and health, for her unwavering duty and dedication with which she has served the citizens of this country and fostered co-operation and unity as Head of the Commonwealth of Nations. And we pray: May the Eternal One protect and sustain her. May she be blessed with health and happiness; may God be gracious to her and reach out to her with tenderness and peace. As it is written: Blessed be the Eternal One, who delights in His Sovereign, who has set her on the throne and endowed her with wisdom, compassion and peace (based on I Kings 10:9). And let us say: Amen.

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