LJ Sing-a-long shows richness of Jewish music

14 June 2023 – 25 Sivan 5783

Rabbis Igor Zinkov, Rachel Benjamin and Anna Wolfson at LJ Sing-a-long

Liberal Judaism held a joyful day of singing at Mosaic Liberal Synagogue.

The LJ Sing-a-long saw many and varied types of Jewish music covered, led by Ruth Colin (The Ark), Rabbi Anna Wolfson (Mosaic), Rabbi Gershon Silins (The Liberal Synagogue Elstree), Rabbi Igor Zinkov (The Liberal Jewish Synagogue) and Rabbi Rachel Benjamin (Mosaic), along with Joseph Finlay (Mosaic). They were also joined by Cantor Tamara Wolfson of Alyth Reform Synagogue.

Rabbi Gershon Silins said: “Four hours of music making passed in what seemed no time at all. We began with a guitar-led session, followed by exploring music in parts – turning our entire group into a scratch choir.

“We then sang music that was new to most of us, taught to us by those who wrote it, and ended with a final singalong jam.

“We all came away expecting this to be the first of many gatherings to share the beautiful, fun and exciting musical traditions that help make us what we are.”

All participants vowed to take the day’s music back with them to their home communities and gather again soon, as the day only scratched the surface of the richness of music and song in Progressive Judaism.

  • Picture: Rabbis Igor Zinkov, Rachel Benjamin and Anna Wolfson at the LJ Sing-a-long

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