In September 2014, Reform Judaism (RJ) and Liberal Judaism (LJ) created The Alliance for Progressive Judaism.

The Alliance represents an aspiration to be greater than the sum of our parts through working together.

The Alliance is a facility by which both movements can contribute to joint projects that are more impactful to do together. It provides both LJ and RJ with the benefits of shared expertise and resources. While each movement continues to serve its own communities and members, and retains its unique identity, this is a way in which we can promote our shared ambitions for a strong and expanding Progressive Jewish community in the UK.

The Alliance is coordinated by Carrie Shaw, who works across both movements to ensure the partnership works effectively and efficiently.

Liberal Judaism’s Senior Rabbi and Chief Executive, Rabbi Danny Rich, says: “The biggest dividing line in British Jewry is no longer Orthodox or Progressive, but religiously engaged or secular. We believe that, together, the two movements can provide an outward-looking, modern and relevant alternative to a merely secular form of Judaism, which could otherwise become the primary expression of Judaism within a couple of generations.”

Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, adds: “There is so much more that unites the Reform and Liberal movements than divides us. The more we can cooperate, the stronger our voice and the stronger the expression of the core values we share in common: inclusiveness, integrity and informed choice. These are the values which our movements believe will enable Judaism to survive and thrive in the 21st Century.”

Currently the Alliance is partnering on three major initiatives: safeguarding, student chaplaincy and Israel via the Israel Desk.