Progressive Judaism statement on Iran’s attack on Israel

14 April 2024 – 6 Nisan 5784

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Last night, Israel found itself under attack once again.

We are grateful that Israel has such developed measures to keep its population safe, and for the support it received from other nations.

It is important to recognise, though, that it should not be normal for any country to have to defend themselves from drone and missile attack in this way.

In the darkest of times we must continue to strive for a sustainable peaceful path. The most secure Israel will be one that can live in peace with its neighbours. That must remain the goal.

Now is the time for a new vision for the Middle East. As Progressive Jews we hold onto the vision that peace is possible and that the pursuit of peace is the highest of Jewish ideals.

* Rabbi Josh Levy and Rabbi Charley Baginsky, Co-Leads of Progressive Judaism

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