Find out more about Reform Judaism’s Shirei meets Chagigah

9 February 2024 – 30 Shevat 5784

Chagigah image

Liberal Judaism members are invited to join our friends from the Movement for Reform Judaism at Shirei meets Chagigah.The Reform equivalent of our Biennial Weekend, it will be full of wonderful music, discussion, celebration and, above all, community.A great chance to get to better know our new Progressive Judaism partners, it’s even in the same hotel as our Biennial so everyone feels at home.There is a music focussed track which includes teachers from overseas which begins on Thursday 14 March and then the non-musical tracks begin on Friday 15 March, with both running until Sunday 17 March.The short video above gives you a better idea of what to expect musically.To find out more about Shirei meets Chagigah 2024, please click here.To book your place, please click here.

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