Statement and prayers for Israel from Progressive clergy

8 October 2023 – 23 Tishri 5784

Prayers for Israel - CCAR

“לְמַעַן אַחַי וְרֵעָי אֲדַבְּרָה נָּא שָׁלוֹם בָּךְ”
“For the sake of my siblings and friends we pray for peace for all”

As the rabbis and cantors of Progressive Judaism, we are shocked and heartbroken at the ongoing terrorist attacks in Israel by Hamas. We are fearful for the citizens of Israel, many of who are our family, friends and colleagues.

We stand in solidarity with Israel.

As we celebrated the Torah this weekend, we remember that Torah teaches that each human life is of infinite value. Torah is infused with the universal values of dignity, love and protection.

As clergy, we pray for an end to this violence and for peace to be restored. We pray for those who are injured, who have lost loved ones and who do not yet know if those they love are safe.

Our colleagues at the Central Conference of American Rabbis and Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism have put together a series of prayers, which you can find here. We will be offering these at gatherings this week across our two movements to create opportunities for connection, reflection and sorrow.

• Joint statement issued by the Conference of Liberal Rabbis and Cantors and Assembly of Reform Rabbis and Cantors