Learning Pirkei Avot – Wednesday nights on Zoom

14 April 2023 – 23 Nisan 5783

LJ Pirkei Avot learning

Members and friends of Liberal Judaism are warmly invited to learn Pirkei Avot with our rabbis every Wednesday night between Pesach and Shavuot.

Please join us and let others know about this wonderful adult learning experience.

Sessions will take place every Wednesday of the Omer from 8-9pm on Zoom. To register, please click here.

You can register for as many or as few sessions as you wish. They will be led by:

Wednesday 19 April: Rabbi Rebecca Birk and Rabbi Dr René Pfertzel
Wednesday 26 April: Rabbi Aaron Goldstein
Wednesday 3 May: Rabbi Dr René Pfertzel
Wednesday 10 May: Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber
Wednesday 17 May: Rabbi Monique Mayer
Wednesday 24 May: Rabbi Rebecca Birk

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