Join us for Mitzvah Day’s interfaith Zoom cooking event

7 May 2020 – 13 Iyyar 5780
Every Mitzvah Matters

7 May 2020

All members and friends of Liberal Judaism are invited to take part in a fun and unique online cooking social action project, led by beloved TV star Maureen Lipman.

Being run by Mitzvah Day on Tuesday evening (May 12), the event is part of the new Every Mitzvah Matters initiative to encourage small acts of kindness in these times.

Whether or not you have done Mitzvah Day before, all are welcome to join Maureen in cooking an easy-to-make vegetable soup or creating a dish of your own choice, which should then be used for a kind act such as giving it to an isolated neighbour or vulnerable person in your local area.

The event will feature people from all faiths and backgrounds, cooking in their kitchens all over the UK – so is also a fantastic chance to learn more about other faiths and the role of food within them.

To register simply click here.


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