Every Mitzvah Matters as Liberal Jews cook with Maureen Lipman

13 May 2020 – 19 Iyyar 5780
Rabbi Charley Baginsky and daughter Eliana

13 May 2020

Liberal Jews from all over the UK joined with people of all faiths and backgrounds to take part in a special Mitzvah Day cook-along with TV icon Maureen Lipman.

Four hundred participated in the event, via Zoom and Facebook Live, which was part of the new Every Mitzvah Matters interfaith volunteering scheme. The initiative is intended to highlight and encourage how even the smallest every day acts of kindness that people do for each other can be transformative for both the receiver and the giver, especially during this coronavirus crisis.

Those cooking could either follow Maureen’s special bean and barley soup recipe or make something of their own choice, using whatever ingredients they had in the house. Participants then gifted the dish as an act of kindness.

Rabbi Charley Baginsky, Liberal Judaism’s director of strategy and partnerships, joined with daughter Eliana (pictured above) to make a chicken soup to say thank you to a friend who has been busy looking after so many others.

Samuel Segal 12 of East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue

Charley said: “It was such a privilege to have my chicken soup critiqued by the legend that is Maureen Lipman! But on a serious note, what an incredible way of seeing how so many people are trying to make a difference to the lives of others in any way they can, even if that’s just making a bowl of soup. It showed us that, truly, Every Mitzvah Matters.”

Twelve-year-old Samuel Segal of East London & Essex Liberal Synagogue (pictured left), who is due to celebrate his barmitzvah in June, was one of many youngsters taking part.

He said: “The cook-along was so much fun and it was nice to ‘meet’ a celebrity in a virtual way. It also felt good to make something for my grandma, who recently returned from hospital, as she likes to try my creations!”

Further Every Mitzvah Matters events are planned and will include a range of online sessions including family friendly activities. Anyone wishing to take part should contact info@mitzvahday.org.uk.


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