Promoting environmental responsibility in our communities

9 May 2019

Liberal Judaism invites all its constituent congregations to join it in backing Eco Synagogue, a cross-communal initiative that aims to help Jewish communities of all denominations to nurture environmentally responsible practices.

Rabbi Danny Rich, the senior rabbi of Liberal Judaism, said: “Climate change is without doubt the challenge of our age. Scientific consensus concludes that, without an unprecedented reduction in carbon emissions, some regions of the earth will become uninhabitable and severe food shortages may result.

“As a Jewish community we are compelled to do everything we can to help prevent such disaster and Eco Synagogue is leading the way in fulfilling this duty.”

Eco Synagogue operates through an online survey or ‘Eco Audit’ that assesses community activity, specifically looking at how we:

– Use our buildings and any land we own or care for.
– Eat and consume.
– Use liturgical and other opportunities within the cycle of the Jewish year.
– Support social action across our congregations.

Programmes promoting environmental change, supported and encouraged by rabbis and lay leaders and put into practice by synagogue ‘green teams,’ are incentivised by the award of bronze, silver and gold awards. The Eco Synagogue website also offers resources and case studies to support best practice.

Eco Synagogue has been developed by New North London Synagogue (Masorti), Finchley Progressive Synagogue (Liberal), Finchley Reform Synagogue (Reform), Alyth Synagogue (Reform) and Muswell Hill Synagogue (United) and is supported by the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council.

For more information about Eco Synagogue and to get involved, please visit or find them on social media.


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