Statements on the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka

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21 April 2019

From Rabbi Danny Rich, Senior Rabbi of Liberal Judaism:

Attacks on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, mosques in Christchurch and churches in Sri Lanka are all from the same stable of religious intolerance, bigotry, terrorism and the inability to celebrate difference.

Liberal Judaism remains committed to the promotion of democratic and Jewish values, ever more so in the face of such attacks.

We must all rejoice in the differences of humanity, whether by race, faith, ethnic background or sexuality – all of which are part of the rich tapestry of the Divine creation.

From Rabbi Mark Solomon, Interfaith Consultant for Liberal Judaism:

Our hearts go out to Christians everywhere – and of course to the bereaved and injured – whose Easter joy has been darkened by the dreadful attacks in Sri Lanka.

Again people at prayer have been targeted by evil and hatred. “How long, O Lord, how long?”

May the light overcome the darkness, and death be swallowed up in the victory of love.


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