Welcoming the BBC’s decision to increase religion coverage

Rabbi Charley Baginsky, Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Liberal Judaism, has welcomed the decision of the BBC to increase its coverage of religion. She says:

“Religion plays a huge part in many people’s lives, consciously or unconsciously. The decision by the BBC is a fantastic way of educating all of us on the multifaceted influence it plays not just for those from a wide range of belief systems but also those with none.

“Historically Jewish theology is the basis of much of the UK’s legal system, including the principle that we have a day of rest. More relevantly, religious organisations still account for much of civil society in the UK today and are at the heart of many communities and shape what goes on in a third of our schools.

“Religion can inform our understanding of international relations,  anti-terrorism strategy, political decisions and our wider view of the world.

“While it is not the role of the BBC to promote religion generally nor any one religion specifically as a public service broadcaster, it does have a responsibility to explain religion because religion increasingly matters.

“Indeed this is also why modern religions need to be outward-looking and inclusive as well as self-critical, because isolation leads to misunderstandings and suspicion, damaging the very core of our community.

“For all these reasons I welcome the BBC’s announcement today and am delighted to wish everyone a very festive season and a Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate.”


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