Rabbi Charley Baginsky talks life, death and belief

27 December 2017 – 9 Tevet 5778

Liberal Judaism’s Rabbi Charley Baginsky has appeared on the popular Family Tree podcast in an episode entitled ‘Life and Death – An Imam, a Priest and a Rabbi Walk into a Podcast’.

Charley was on air alongside Imam Monawar Hussain MBE and Reverend Azariah France-Williams, with the three ministers giving Jewish, Muslim and Christian takes on key issues.

Topics covered by Charley included why Jewish funerals are generally held within 24 hours of death, rituals after someone has passed away, the tradition of shiva and how a stone setting ends a year long “grief cycle”.

Charley, Liberal Judaism’s director of strategy and partnerships, also spoke about how she still finds divine inspiration in Torah, why belief is never simple and the representation of Jews in the media.

Podcast producer Dave Pickering said: “I spoke to these three inspirational religious leaders about death, transition, faith, God and existence. I hope everyone listens and finds out what happens when an imam, a priest and a rabbi walk into a podcast.”

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