[Statement] Response to the events in Charlottesville, USA, and Barcelona & Cambrils, Spain

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Liberal Judaism’s Rabbinic Conference
21 August 2017

Images of white supremacists marching in Charlottesville, Virginia, the murder of a young woman, and the atrocities committed in Barcelona and Cambrils, in Spain, where 14 people have died and more than 100 hurt, some critically, remind us – as if we need reminding – that Europe remains vulnerable to terrorist cells, intent upon murder and wanton cruelty and that violence thrives in environments – micro or otherwise – which are permissive of prejudice and hatred.

We associate ourselves with the families of those who have died and share in the profound sorrow caused by the loss of life. Our prayers and thoughts are with them and with those who have been wounded, with those who tended the dying and injured, with the emergency services and the medical staff in Spain’s hospitals.

Liberal Judaism recognises the need to counter vigorously all forms of bigotry, hatred and prejudice, to reject any kind of moral equivalence between those who actively embrace chauvinism and discrimination and those who protest against it. And we pledge ourselves to renewal of our outreach work with all communities, faiths, cultures in our own society in our search for equality, justice and peace.

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