LJY-Netzer launches pronoun badges for camp

8 August 2017

Leaders at LJY-Netzer’s Machaneh Kadimah summer camp will each wear a badge, showing which pronoun they want to be used by others.

The idea came about after feedback that those who are transgender or non-binary can often find it uncomfortable to keep explaining which pronoun they prefer.

So each leader at camp will wear a badge saying ‘he / him’, ‘she / her’, ‘they / them’ or ‘name only’. There will also be spare badges for any participants who require.

LJY-Netzer movement worker Ellie Lawson explained: “Liberal Judaism believes that inclusivity is an essential part of making camp, and the whole of the year, a welcoming and comfortable environment.

“That’s why, for the first time, we have introduced pronoun badges. We hope that these badges will help remove the stigma surrounding gender and encourage a more open conversation.”

If the badges are a success, then LJY-Netzer hopes to use them on other events for both leaders and participants.

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