Full and fun youth programme planned for Day of Celebration

25 April 2017 – 29 Nisan 5777

Sam Alston, LJY-Netzer movement worker
25 April 2017

LJY-Netzer is very excited to once again be running the youth programme for the Day of Celebration with a crèche for under 5s, a full programme for those in school year 1 and above and a teen track.

As the youth movement of Liberal Judaism, we regularly create inclusive fun young liberal communities. And our age appropriate programming at the Day of Celebration will be no different.

Throughout the event, there will also be a number of sessions by run for the main event to give everyone an experience of what it is like to be at an LJY-Netzer camp.

Here is what we have in store:

Young people programme

Starting right at the beginning of the day, this track aims to imaginatively and creatively explore the themes of the day.

We will be starting the day with a series of fun bonding games to get participants comfortable in the environment. This will include some well-known classics, such as splat, as well as some recent additions such as the ‘hardest game in the world’

As the day moves on, we will begin to address some of the material of the conference, such as what does it mean to be a Liberal Jew, and look at some of the things that have defined Jewish identity though the years.

We will also look at how Judaism can inform life experiences, and, using arts and role-play, will examine some of the big issues in Judaism today including Zionism and feminism.

The programme will be run by professional LJY-Netzer movement workers and staffed by young highly trained LJY-Netzer volunteers. They regularly deal with providing fun, educational and safe events.

Teen track

We are also planning to run a teen track, where we will go as a group to a couple of pre-selected sessions in the main conference.

There will be a chance to look at the programme collectively and consider the discussions as a group. There will also be at least one session run by LJY-Netzer leaders specially for the age group.

This track will be a great chance to access the content of the Day of Celebration and get involved with the fantastic adult event in a fun social supportive environment, with a programme tailored to be relevant and engaging.

What is LJY-Netzer?

For those who don’t already know, LJY-Netzer is the youth movement of Liberal Judaism and a branch of Netzer Olami, the worldwide Reform Zionist youth organisation.

We at LJY-Netzer are proud to run events that empower young people to make Liberal Jewish values a meaningful part of their lives.

LJY-Netzer is a movement run by young people for young people; we offer a range of events, activities and opportunities for all our members. Our calendar is jam-packed with fun-filled camps, sleepovers, day events and hikes, not to mention two amazing summer tours and a life changing gap year programme.

To find out more about the LJ Day of Celebration, see the full programme and register click here.

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