Liberal community makes history with first Lincoln funeral

16 November 2016

The first Jewish burial, of modern times, in Lincoln has taken place in the Lincolnshire Jewish Community’s new burial plot at Jews’ Court.

The funeral was for Allan Levene, a prominent member of the Lincolnshire Jewish Community, which established in 1992. It was officiated by Rabbi Aaron Goldstein, the senior rabbi at Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue. Jews’ Court is a Grade I listed 14th century building that is thought to be on the site of a Medieval Synagogue.

Aaron said: “Leading services in Jews’ Court fills me with a sense of being part of history, a determination to transmit Judaism as a force for good and of being part of a vibrant and loving Jewish community.”

“Officiating on the occasion of the first burial in Lincolnshire Jewish Community’s burial plot was so meaningful. Allan Levene brought an incredible energy to growing the community and, whilst saddened by his death, his burial in these new grounds is a mark of his achievement.

“Jews in Lincoln are here to stay.”

In the late 12th century, Lincoln was one of the most important Jewish centres in England, remaining prominent in terms of both population and financial terms until the General Expulsion of Jews in 1290. Notable Jews at that time included Aaron of Lincoln, a creditor of Henry II, who invested heavily into Peterborough Cathedral and was considered the wealthiest man in Norman England.

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