Liberal Jews and Muslims stand together in Durham

18 October 2016

Members of Durham’s Jewish and Muslim communities came together to support police as part of National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Hundreds of pledges were signed by members of the public, of all ages, promising to tackle and prevent hate crimes.

Have Fleming, spokesperson for the Durham and North East Liberal Jewish Community, said: “The pledge cards gave four clear examples of exactly how people can challenge inappropriate behaviour, report hate crime, stand up for colleagues who are victims, and promote the concept of inclusivity.

“By standing side by side on this issue, we showed members of the public that Muslims and Jews, often victims themselves, wish to help the police raise awareness of the insidious nature of prejudice.”

PCCO Mark Lumsden added, “Hate Crimes need to be reported and responded to. Your Police Community Cohesion Officers are there to assist anyone.”

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