[Radio] Aaron tackles topics from Trump to Sukkot in BBC interview

17 October 2016 – 15 Tishri 5777

17 October 2016

Rabbi Aaron Goldstein spoke about a myriad of issues as he reviewed the papers on BBC Three Counties Radio.

Aaron, who is rabbi at Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue, discussed topics including Donald Trump, unaccompanied child refugees, Bob Dylan and the use of religious language in secular settings. He also gave a guide to the history and symbols of Sukkot.

You can listen to the full chat with host Helen Legh by visiting https://clyp.it/gmt33i4u

Highlighting a newspaper story on supporters of US Presidential candidate Donald Trump, Aaron said: “I was in the States this summer and listening to stories of this guy demeaning Muslims, demeaning war veterans, demeaning pretty much every section of society you can think of.

“It’s unbelievable that he still has supporters. It highlights what a poor state the politics of America is in and it’s really quite frightening that somebody like this man could become the most powerful person in the world.”

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