HHD Reflection 5777 – Day 1

Between the years of 2005 and 2014, the musician and songwriter Craig Taubman brought together rabbis, artists, educators, writers – both Jews and non-Jews – and asked them to write a thought on a theme throughout the period of Elul, which appeared on www.jewelsofelul.com It is a resource that I … Read More

[Sermon] Anniversaries and Looking Forwards, Erev Rosh Hashanah

2 October 2016 Rabbi Richard Jacobi 4th October 2016 is the eightieth anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, when Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts were confronted by a concerted effort including Irish dockers, Jewish East Enders, Trade Unionists and Communists. Their attitude of ‘They Shall Not Pass’ led to a landmark … Read More

Letter telling women how to dress is ‘unacceptable’

Liberal Judaism’s Rabbi Charley Baginsky (pictured) has criticised a letter sent by an ultra-Orthodox rabbi to 5,000 Jewish women, which stated that it is a sin to wear fitted blouses, short skirts or bright colours. Charley, Liberal Judaism’s director of strategy and partnerships, said: “In the month of Elul we are called … Read More

[Book Review] The Jewish Community of Golders Green

Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein The Jewish Community of Golders Green by Pam Fox (ISBN: 9780750965873) Pam Fox – who has previously written books on Rabbi Dr Israel Mattuck and The Liberal Jewish Synagogue – has published an incredibly well-researched account of the history of Jewish settlement in Golders Green. It … Read More

[Book Reviews] Like Ruth and The Honey & the Sting

Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein Like Ruth: Choosing to Be Chosen by Hava Fleming (ISBN: 9781532989728) and The Honey & the Sting by Rabbi Dr Walter Rothschild (ISBN: 9781910752180) I am privileged to share, with Rabbi Mark Solomon, the chairing of the Beit Din of Liberal Judaism. The Beit Din is … Read More