[Sermon] Our Judaism and the Oxymoron, Rosh Hashanah

3 October 2016 Rabbi Richard Jacobi City life has been described as ‘millions of people living alone together’. Unsuccessful jokes can be met by a deafening silence, while a good comedian might be described as seriously funny. A one-man band could sing “The Sound of Silence” and in doing so … Read More

HHD Reflection 5777 – Day 1

Between the years of 2005 and 2014, the musician and songwriter Craig Taubman brought together rabbis, artists, educators, writers – both Jews and non-Jews – and asked them to write a thought on a theme throughout the period of Elul, which appeared on www.jewelsofelul.com It is a resource that I … Read More

[Sermon] Anniversaries and Looking Forwards, Erev Rosh Hashanah

2 October 2016 Rabbi Richard Jacobi 4th October 2016 is the eightieth anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, when Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts were confronted by a concerted effort including Irish dockers, Jewish East Enders, Trade Unionists and Communists. Their attitude of ‘They Shall Not Pass’ led to a landmark … Read More

[Radio] Rabbis visit BBC Radio on Shavuot

12 June 2016 BBC Radio Rabbi Aaron Goldstein talked to Helen Legh and the Sunday show on BBC Radio Three Counties to explain Shavuot, discuss anti-Semitism and celebrating The Queen’s 90th birthday.     Student Rabbis Danny Lichman and Deborah Blausten visited Jonathan Cowap and the Sunday Breakfast show at … Read More

Celebrating Chanukkah away from home

Chanukkah Packs

10 December 2016 Liberal Judaism staff members, led by Rabbi Leah Jordan, spent last week putting together and posting more than 200 Chanukah packs. These packs are sent to Liberal students and young adults in campuses and homes all over the UK. The pack includes a chunukkiah, candles, dreidel, gelt … Read More