Liberal Judaism encourages all of our members who are eligible to get the vaccine when they are called.

Below you will information of getting involved with the vaccination effort, advice on messaging within your community, and details on any LJ events or activities related to vaccination, as well as stories from LJ Members who have received the vaccine.

Your Vaccination Stories

No discomfort or side effects, the actual procedure took all of a second and I did not feel a thing! Army personnel serving as marshals added a bit of style to the proceeding all smiling and looking smart! Social distancing was maintained at all times and every surface was wiped down constantly which kept everyone safe. After the standard fifteen minute rest I went home full of beans! Nothing to fear so go for your vaccination when you receive your invite!

- Owen Power
BoNO officer Inclusion portfolio, co-chair Biennial 2021, member of MLJC, associate member of YLS.

Having given birth to two children and all the pain and discomfort that entails, I will admit to still having an irrational fear of needles. Even blood tests fill me with anxiety. Yes I know it only takes a minute at most and I did say it was irrational. Having avoided any type of injection for the past 20 odd years, working in an NHS hospital now requires that I get the covid vaccine, never mind the moral obligation to do so in order to at least try to protect anyone I am in social contact with. So, setting off with trepidation to my hospital’s vaccine clinic, I came away 20 minutes later wondering why I had been so anxious over absolutely nothing. The nurses were, unsurprisingly really, amazing, understanding - I felt nothing. Other than a sense of relief and not a little shame that I had been such a wimp. Go and get your vaccine people, please.

- Katrina Mindel, The Ark Synagogue (NPLS)

I had the vaccine on Saturday morning. I was keen to get it as I am clinical NHS staff, but a little nervous about the side effects some people have reported. However, other than an achey arm, I have felt absolutely fine (and that was only really bothersome on the day). The centre was really well-organised with lovely staff, and the room afterwards where I was asked to wait had a doctor in the room in case anyone felt unwell. I was free to leave after fifteen minutes. It was a really positive experience.

- Clare, Bedfordshire Progressive Synagogue