Join Liberal Judaism in supporting Organ Donation Week

29 August 2018 Liberal Judaism is proud to back Organ Donation Week, which takes place from September 3-9, and invites its communities and members to do the same. Our movement has always supported organ donation, as it fulfils the guiding Jewish principle of pikuach nefesh: the saving of a human … Read More

[Guest Blog] Helping those with learning disabilities

Anna Perceval 27 August 2018 JWeb Manager Recent research tells us that the lives of one in ten people in the UK are touched by learning disabilities. If you ask the people around you, you would hear about a whole community of people living or working with learning disabilities. Jewish … Read More

High Holy Days services and events across the UK

23 August 2018 As the High Holy Days approach, many Liberal Jews will be planning what to do over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to the services, talks and events taking place at Liberal communities all around the UK. You can read … Read More

Yad Vashem Auschwitz exhibition brought to the Lake District

22 August 2018 Liberal Judaism is supporting a new and compelling exhibition in the Lake District entitled ‘Auschwitz: A Place on Earth – The Auschwitz Album’. The exhibition was put together by Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre in Jerusalem. It runs at the Lake District Holocaust Project (LDHP) … Read More

Ann celebrates her 90th birthday with special LJS service

20 August 2018 Holocaust survivor Ann Kirk celebrated her 90th birthday with a special Shabbat service at The Liberal Jewish Synagogue (LJS). Ann read the Haftarah during the service. She was accompanied by husband Bob, who also survived the Shoah, and they cut her birthday cake together during a commemorative … Read More

How you can live stream your services and events

Biennial 2018 live streaming

Leo Mindel 15 August 2018 At this year’s Liberal Judaism Biennial Weekend you may have noticed something very different in addition to the amazing sessions and speakers… three people sitting at the side behind a couple of cameras. That’s because the Biennial was being live streamed, out to the world, … Read More

Liberal youth hike Israel’s Mount Tzfachot for charity

Young Liberal Jews at the top of Mount Tzfachot

13 August 2018 Members of Liberal Jewish youth movement LJY-Netzer hiked to one of the highest points in Israel to raise money for orphans and neglected children in the country. The LJY group took on the challenge of climbing Mount Tzfachot to raise funds for the Carmiel Youth Village, a … Read More

[Blog] Nation State Law is a dangerous political gesture

Rabbi Danny Rich 12 August 2018 As the summer really took hold in Israel, the temperature in the Knesset rose dramatically as ‘Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People’ (INSJP) became part of the Israel’s effective constitution by 62 votes to 55. On the surface, it appears to … Read More

Northwood & Pinner welcome Cantor Tamara Wolfson

8 August 2018 Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue are delighted to welcome a new member to their clergy team. Rabbi Emeritus Dr Andrew Goldstein and Rabbis Aaron Goldstein and Lea Mühlstein are being joined by Cantor Tamara Wolfson (all pictured above). Lea said: “We very much look forward to Tamara’s … Read More