‘LJY camps are the most awesome and enjoyable ever’

3 May 2024 – 25 Nisan 5784

Jazzy at LJY Netzer camp

Two siblings – Roxy and Jazzy – have written about their experiences on LJY-Netzer Machaneh Shamayim (spring camp) and the amazing time that they had.

Read their reports below and sign up for LJY’s Machaneh Kadimah (summer camp) by clicking here.

You can see the wonderful photos from Shamayim in the new edition of LJ Today here.

A full camp photo from Machaneh Shamayim

A full camp photo from Machaneh Shamayim

Jazzy (pictured above on the right) writes:

I first came to LJY two years ago and have loved it ever since.

On camp, there are loads of fun things that need doing so we wake up early – except for on Shabbat when we get a lie in – and sometimes breakfast is brought to you by your dorm leader.

In the day LJY sometimes runs whole camp sessions, when everyone can choose which session they go to. I like this as it allows you to do things with other age groups. My favourite one is swimming. Chuggim (project groups) are great because you get to make friends over the things you like – I’ve always been a baking Chug person.

On the last night show it is fun watching everyone do their talents, and in Gangenshlaff – the crazy team gameshow – you are allowed to get very messy without anyone telling you the consequences!

Roxy writes:

I have been coming to LJY since I was super little, in Plagim (school years 5-6). I’ve gone to lots of camps over the years, and now I am a very old Chalutzimnik (school year 10) so I can one hundred per cent confirm that LJY is the most awesome, enjoyable camp ever and here’s why…

Roxy performing at the Last Night Show

Roxy performing at the Last Night Show

Nothing can compare to the amazing friends and madrichim who you will meet on LJY, allowing you to forge incredibly strong bonds with loads of different people. LJY really connected me to my Jewish heritage a lot more as well, as I live in an area with not many Jews, so it has been a brilliant experience being able to have so many Jewish friends.

Another big factor of what I love about LJY is the sense of community it has, with so many people coming together to enjoy a fun filled summer. The leaders are super kind and resourceful, always coming up with great sessions and ensuring that we always have the most fun.

A further great aspect about LJY is the impressive safeguarding: it’s extremely easy to talk to any of the leaders about any questions or concerns.

LJY camps are a great way to learn about Judaism, make plenty of friends and have a spectacular, fun-filled time!

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