LJY-Netzer Tu BiShvat explores relationship with the natural world

1 February 2024 – 22 Shevat 5784

Liberal Judaism’s youth movement LJY-Netzer hosted a Tu BiShvat Seder and volunteering event for its bogrimot (members over 18), to explore a variety of Jewish historical and Kabbalistic interpretations of our relationship with the natural world.

Throughout the Seder, guests drank different coloured wines and tasted different fruits, in order to celebrate this relationship and question how we can better it.

LJY Movement Worker Mia Bogod said: “The evening was joyous, focused, primarily, on gratitude and appreciation for the trees that both physically and metaphorically act as a form of protection, inspiration, and community.”

The following day, on Tu BiShvat itself, the group volunteered at Sadeh Farm, in Orpington, working with other volunteers to prepare the land for the upcoming season of planting.

Mia added: “We marked the planting of a new tree, and sang for its safe growth, development and blossoming. We then shared a lovely Seder with the Sadeh community. The mix of physical activity, and Jewish spirituality came together beautifully through these two celebrations, demonstrating how both of these entities are upheld through the natural world.”

Kehilot (groups of LJY members) across the country also hosted Tu BiShvat celebrations throughout the week, with Seders held by students at university in Edinburgh, Leeds and Bristol.

  • Read Mia’s full report in the upcoming edition of LJ Today

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