‘Top marks’ for Progressive Jewish education leaders

11 January 2024 – 1 Shevat 5784

A ‘revolution in Jewish education’ for a more enlightened future is now underway after more than 100 Progressive cheder heads, rabbis, general teachers and education leaders met to discuss a range of changes necessary to fit the needs of today’s young people.
It was the first joint Reform and Liberal Education Conference since our two movements announced we would be uniting to form one single Progressive Judaism – and it left the classrooms at Edgware and Hendon Reform Synagogue buzzing with ideas, discussions and mutual inspiration.

The conference delivered a range of expert sessions throughout the day from alternative ways to engage with Torah learning, to how to capture students’ imagination through hands-on craft lessons that included creating a chocolate seder for example.

The feedback was positive and the organisers were delighted with the opportunity to share teaching experiences and expand their knowledge with fellow professionals.

Alex Gellnick, Liberal Judaism’s Director of Development and Membership and Reform Judaism’s Youth and Education Coordinator Elena Izmailova said they were thrilled by how the Conference went, “Everyone who attended will go away with a host of educational ideas. There were opportunities to chat, network, see old friends, and make new ones. And just as importantly we were able to eat lunch together!”

Attendee Alison Turner added, “As someone planning on starting a Cheder looking for ideas to excite and educate children far from a Jewish community, I was enthused and pointed in the direction of much useful material,” she said. “I travelled around 150 miles to be there and it was really worth the effort.”

For more information or to register interest for next year’s conference please email a.gellnick@liberaljudaism.org or EIzmailova@rjuk.org

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