LJY-Netzer Israel Tour taster weekend – Bereket on Board

4 October 2023 – 19 Tishri 5784

LJY-Netzer Israel Tour

LJY-Netzer has launched a brand new Israel Tour taster weekend, ‘Bereket on Board’, for all those in year 11.

The event is a great way to find out more about LJY-Netzer and this year’s Israel Tour.

It is aimed at everyone – from those who are completely new to LJY to people have been coming on events since they could walk. It’s a space to meet different people, make new friends and reunite with old ones.

Bereket on Board, which is unique to LJY, will provide a glimpse into what Israel Tour will look like: breaking down activities and giving insight into what will be the highlight of any 16-year-old’s summer and the beginning of a journey in friendship, leadership and self-development.

It will be held in North London, on 16-17 December, and costs only £20. Email Mia for more information, or sign up on our website by clicking here.

LJY-Netzer’s Israel Tour strives to be inclusive of every participant, creating a safe and diverse space for our young people. It is filled with fun, education, and insightful perspectives – providing the perfect opportunity to start, or develop, a Liberal Jewish journey.

Bereket on Board is a great time to find out about more LJY, and decide whether Tour is the right thing for you with absolutely no commitment.

A further parents/information evening will also be held later this year.

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