Free School Meals for All: Week of Action

14 June 2023 – 25 Sivan 5783

Free School Meals for All graphic

Liberal Judaism and The Movement for Reform Judaism are supporting the Free School Meals for All: Week of Action, which takes place from 24-30 June.

Organised by the No Child Left Behind coalition, it calls on the Prime Minister to follow in the footsteps of Scotland and Wales, and extend Free School Meals to every child in primary school in England.

As part of this campaign, rabbis and congregations are being asked to use part of their Shabbat service on Friday 23 or Saturday 24 June to reflect on the inequality children experience in their lives and in school today – and how we could end hunger in the classroom and offer a bright future to every child.

A toolkit, which you can download here, includes ideas for prayers, discussions and actions.

Progressive Judaism leaders, including Liberal Judaism CEO Rabbi Charley Baginsky, have played a key role in the No Child Left Behind coalition.

There are currently four million children in the UK living in households going short on food. Free School Meals for All would ensure no child goes hungry at school. Every child would have a hot, nutritious dinner every day. It would increase healthy eating for every pupil and ease the pressure for every family.

We already do this for our very youngest children. For the first three years of school, every child in England gets a hot school dinner — and no child under seven wants for food while they’re at school. But from Year 3 on, this stops.

Rabbi Charley Baginsky recently spoke at Free School Meals for All Conference, telling delegates: “Religion must constantly call out injustice and call for radical action for change.

“We cannot settle for being a service provider, papering over the cracks of a lack of imagination from the government, and I am proud that we have entered the conversation demanding something different from our elected representatives.”

If you’d like to find out more about the campaign, or get further support for community Shabbat activities, please email

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