LJY-Netzer Machaneh Kadimah: 15 – 28 August 2022

11 May 2022 – 10 Iyyar 5782
LJY-Netzer Kadimah Promo Colour

Machaneh Kadimah summer camp is LJY-Netzer’s biggest event of the year, and is certainly not something to miss out on!

You can book your place HERE.

Kadimah brings together Liberal Jews from all over the world for an incredible jam-packed camp with fun, singing, and bonding. Over two weeks, participants experience a wide range of sessions and activities – from wide games and whole camp services to day trips and whole camp photos – which makes it an unforgettable and transformative experience for so many of our members.

At LJY-Netzer, we create an environment for our participants to flourish and grow – exploring their Jewish identity and passions while building their independence and leadership skills. Our inclusive community gives young people the space to explore new ideas and to take on new challenges, supporting young people to grow in confidence and fulfil their potential. A summer on Kadimah is a once in a lifetime opportunity, promising to instil values and experiences that will stay with your child for life!

A full programme of creative activities is planned by a fantastic group of enthusiastic madrichim (leaders), all LJY- Netzer members who have been through our hadracha (leadership) training course. In addition, LJY Netzer’s Director of Youth, Becca Fetterman, will be on hand to help support our leaders and Movement Workers. The LJY-Netzer Movement Workers are full-time professionals with decades of youth work experience between them.

Camp highlights will include:

Ruach (Spirit): Every morning, chanichimot (participants) are woken up with a crazy session of chanting, dancing and singing to start the day with a bang, as well as learning some of the new songs that LJY-Netzer has to offer!

Shabbat and prayer: Shabbat is a time when the whole camp comes together for a big Friday Night Dinner and Kabbalat Shabbat (service) before powering into our evening Oneg celebration of singing, dancing and a bonfire (weather permitting!). Saturdays are a lovely day of community with engaging Shabbat Shacharit and warming Havdallah.

Whole camp sessions: Every day, the chanichimot have a wide selection of fun activities put on by their leaders, including swimming, sports, arts and crafts, and drama games.

Chinuch (Education): We discuss and debate a number of wide-ranging and age-appropriate topics including tikkun olam (repairing the world), Reform Zionism, feminism, mental health, and Liberal Jewish values – all in super fun and creative ways.

Mealtimes: Home cooked delicious vegetarian food in the choice of two dining rooms to accommodate those who love to chant loudly and those who love to talk quietly.

Wide game: Competing as teams, chanichimot and madrichim alike take on each other in a water-filled, paint-throwing extravaganza! Who will win? Does it even matter when everyone is having fun?

Kef: Every day each year has big and crazy fun activities including murder mysteries, discos, and gangaschlaff, a team game of messy rounds combined with a test to see who can be fastest to get into their sleeping bag!

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