The plan for EcoShabbat (5/6 November 2021)

24 August 2021 – 16 Elul 5781

EcoShabbat is a project of the EcoSynagogue that will provide our communities with the opportunity to put discussions, education and commitment to the environment at the top of the agenda.

This year it will take place on 5/6 November, during the week that the whole world will be discussing the climate crisis at COP26 in Glasgow.

EcoSynagogue have released the three point plan below to encourage each congregation, and even individuals, to take this opportunity to engage with this most important of topics.

  1. Use this EcoShabbat to make a commitment as a community and/or as an individual to make a difference by choosing one, or several challenges to be published shortly on
  2. Download the resource pack, which is also coming soon, which will contain contributions from experts and other organisations working in this area.
  3. Invite a guest speaker to your EcoShabbat, creating an opportunity for everyone to learn more.

For more information and to offer ideas for challenges, resources or guest speakers, please email

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