Rabbi Dr Margaret Jacobi celebrates second batmitzvah

4 January 2021 – 20 Tevet 5781
Margaret Jacobi second batmitzvah

Birmingham Progressive Synagogue (BPS) held a special service to mark 50 years since the batmitzvah of Rabbi Dr Margaret Jacobi.

Margaret read her original Torah portion again, as well as the sermon that her rabbinic mentor Rabbi John Rayner had given on that occasion.

The service was a double special occasion as it also featured the admission of Philip Gwilliams in front of the BPS Ark.

Margaret, Philip and his two witnesses – Benita Wishart and Isobel Gregory – stayed socially distanced in the synagogue building, while friends, family and congregants watched online from home.

Margaret said: “Despite the difficult circumstances of Covid, it was a real privilege to be able to celebrate 50 years since my batmitzvah with the congregation, especially to be able to read the words of Rabbi John Rayner’s sermon which he gave that day.

“It was also an honour to be able to recall such great teachers as my father (Rabbi Harry Jacobi) and John Rayner, whose influence has been so enduring on my life and the lives of so many”

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