Join us for the Liberal Judaism Biennial Weekend at Home

24 March 2020

Liberal Judaism will be bringing its Biennial Weekend directly into people’s homes, using the latest cutting-edge technology to give members and their families three days of services, seminars and socialising.

The Biennial Weekend at Home will be held from Friday 22 until Sunday 24 May 2020. Full details – including links, ‘how to’ guides, the speaker line-up and youth activities – will be released over the coming weeks. The event will be entirely free for all those wishing to take part.

The physical Biennial that was set to take place on those dates, at the De Vere Staverton Estate in Daventry, has been moved to 2021 (30 April – 2 May 2021).

Rabbi Charley Baginsky, Liberal Judaism’s director of strategy and partnerships, said: “A bit like one is not supposed to have favourite children, I am guessing I am not supposed to have a favourite moment in the Liberal Judaism calendar – but I do and it is the Biennial Weekend.

“Over the years Biennial has grown and developed and become our flagship event. It is this incredible opportunity to showcase our rabbis and lay people and the work they do and the deep thinking they invest behind it.

“As it became increasingly obvious that Biennial could not happen in it is usual form in May, we have turned our minds to how we can still have this time together.

“More than ever we need those moments of movement collaboration, of joining together in prayer and thought and even to socialise and so we are unbelievably proud to announce the Biennial Weekend at Home.”

The Biennial Weekend will retain its theme of Liberal Judaism: Collaboratory – providing an open space and a creative process where partners work together to generate solutions to, sometimes complex, problems.

Charley added: “If ever there was a theme more apt for a conference and more needed then I have not heard it! This will be a real Collaboratory, sharing and exploring the best that Liberal Jews can offer in this time and how those internal and external partnerships can thrive and go and push us into new spaces and new relationships.”


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